Labour law

Recruitment and selection

We prepare or review your (employment) contracts. We advise you on the ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ in recruitment and selection. We can also conduct negotiations at your request.

Status (employee/self-employed)

LAWTREE Lawyers anticipates and examines your options concerning (among others) the status of employee or self-employed person and any associated management company. We can then draw up the appropriate contract for you.

We can also assist you if discussions arise regarding false self-employment or (collaboration with) a falsely self-employed person.

Employment contract, work regulations & policy

We draw up (employment) contracts and work regulations for your company, and ensure that all the needed policies are in place. Think, for example, of a policy on the use of company cars, ICT, mobile phones, bonus plans and the like.

Salary and other benefits

We answer your questions about the tax or social security aspects of salary and benefits under the (employment) contract. At your request, we work out salary plans, variable salary schedules or bonus plans. We can guide and advise you on optimisations, constructions with stock options or warrants, salary splits, etc.

Working hours

LAWTREE Lawyers takes you by the hand in the complex world of working hours and advises on all related elements, ranging from annual leave to time credit, from phased retirement to the scheme of unemployment benefit with company supplement (SWT/the former ‘bridging pension’).


We outline recent trends and developments in the case law, and warn you of or identify possible exposure to claims. If necessary, we will defend your position in court. Of course, we always try to work cost-effectively, with mediation the preferred option.

Competition & trade secrets

LAWTREE Lawyers drafts the necessary contracts and clauses regarding, among other things
non-competition and non-solicitation, protection of trade secrets and intellectual property.
In the event of infringements and conflict situations, we respond quickly and provide you with immediate advice and assistance, in order to prevent or limit any possible damage as much as possible.


We advise on checking email and internet traffic, the use of cameras and tracking systems, recording (telephone) conversations, the protection of personal data, and so on. We explain to you the options available in the event of misconduct or violations of the working regulations or policies.

End of employment contract/dismissal

The end of an employment contract or a dismissal should always be handled with care.
LAWTREE Lawyers intervenes and advises on dismissal, regardless of the form. A dismissal can be effected in various ways, ranging from a notice of termination to termination or dismissal for cause. We examine your rights and obligations, perform calculations, negotiate a settlement and assist you if legal proceedings cannot be avoided.

LAWTREE Lawyers will plead your case before the labour courts throughout Belgium.

Collective consultation (works council, trade union delegation, collective bargaining agreement,…)

LAWTREE Lawyers assists companies in their relationship with the works council, trade union delegation or external trade unions. We prepare negotiations, draft collective bargaining agreements and help with (often delicate) communication.

We also assist companies in their relationship with protected employees and in collective social conflicts such as strikes and company embargoes.

Company restructuring and transfer

In the event of an (imminent) collective dismissal or the closure of (a department of) a company, we can assist our clients with advice and assistance thanks to our many years of experience in this branch of law.

In the event of the transfer of a company, we inform you about all aspects of the transaction, regardless of the form the transfer takes (restructuring, merger, transfer of shares, commercial undertaking (“handelsfonds”), …). If desired, we carry out a due diligence investigation, so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Elections for employee representatives

We answer your questions about (the organisation of) elections of employee representatives, guide employers in the various stages of the election procedure, and act on your behalf in proceedings before the labour court.

Social inspectorate

LAWTREE Lawyers guides its clients in all aspects of social inspections, negotiates and makes adjustments to prevent (future) problems and avoid unnecessary costs.

Secondment and immigration

We advise and guide you in all aspects of cross-border employment, secondment and immigration. Among others, we provide you with all the necessary information about work and residence permits and administrative formalities (A1, Limosa,…). In this regard, it is important to draw up conclusive (multilingual) contracts.

Well-being at work

We can assist you with questions about occupational safety, psycho-social risks, violence, bullying or unwanted sexual behaviour at the workplace.

We intervene in the event of an industrial accident and clarify to you all possible legal aspects.

Our experts

Geert Michiels is a partner at LAWTREE Lawyers and heads the department Labour law and social security law.

Alexander Roosen is a lawyer at LAWTREE Lawyers and is active in the Labour law and social security law department.

Fréderique Vissers is a lawyer at LAWTREE Lawyers and is active in the Labor law and social security law department.

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