Labour law and social security law

Sociaal criminal law

When it comes to criminal violations, it is best not to take any risks. The Social Penal Code contains an extensive set of penalties that can have a major impact, ranging from a criminal or administrative fine to even imprisonment or business closure.

Anticipate this and engage us pre-emptively to avoid prosecution. We make it a point of honor to respond quickly to your questions and needs.

Are you as a company, or company leader, summoned to appear before the criminal court and are you accused of a social law offense such as undeclared work and illegal posting of workers? Or are you threatened with an administrative fine? Even then we are at your side to defend you.

Our experts

Geert Michiels is partner at LAWTREE Lawyers and heads the Labor law and social security law department.

Alexander Roosen is a lawyer at LAWTREE Lawyers and is active in the Labor Law & Social Security Law department.

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