In-House Counseling

It can happen that the volume of legal work in your company increases rapidly. There may be several reasons for this. For example, your lawyer may be temporarily out of action or you may be looking for the right talent to strengthen your legal department, but can use some support in the meantime. Or you may need specific legal support for a new project where extensive cooperation with, and the presence of, a lawyer may be welcome.

LAWTREE can help you with this and respond quickly, for a long-term assignment or on a project basis.

While you focus on your day-to-day business, we second one of our experts to assist you with your legal challenges. According to the arrangement that suits you best, LAWTREE deploys a specialist with the right expertise, whether it’s to be available remotely to answer all your legal questions or to come and work in your office a few days a week. More particularly, we can offer you in-house counselling in these fields.